Trezur Bag

Trezur Bag

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Welcome to the home of Trezur Bag.  A clip-on outdoor accessory that allows you to gather what you love and leave the sand, dirt, and debris behind.  Each bag has a heavy duty mesh bottom that only keeps your treasures.  Perfect for beachcombing, hiking, or any activity where an extra pocket or hand would be appreciated.  Dog walkers find them useful for treats and bags.

Made from 100% cotton in a heavyweight fabric, these bags were printed here locally on the Oregon Coast and sewn by yours truly!  The aluminium carabiners were imported and have a weght rating of 150 pounds, you would have to get really creative (not recommneded) to get that much inside your Trezur  Bag. 



    This product has been redesigned so many times in the last 8 years.  What began as a way for me to allow my children the freedom of collecting what they loved at the beach has now become a product sold over the world to beach combing and outdoor enthusiats.  


    With care and concern for quilty products, I will gladly repair any rips or tears.  Please email directly to set-up repair.


    I will send your chosen items in a padded envelope with USPS.  


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